user Table (User)

The User table is used for service locations and alternate contacts. Multiple User records may be linked to one Account.

Name Description Type
account Foreign key to account.number int(11)
addr1 Address Line 1 char(50)
addr2   char(50)
addr3   char(50)
addr4   char(50)
aphone Additional Phone. char(40)
appointmentroute Appointment Route for service location. Used with Scheduling. List appointmentroutes. int(11)
billinglabel Additional information added to Location Based Billing Statements/Invoices char(100)
censusblock   char(8)
censustract   char(8)
city   char(30)
cleartextpassword Clear text password for Customer Portal logins. Storing of the clear text is controlled by List systemstate entry usercleartextpassword. char(100)
company Company name at service location. char(50)
country   char(30)
county   char(30)
countyfips   char(8)
custsecret Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. char(50)
dataphone Data Phone. char(30)
datetoreopen Date in the future to automatically reopen a User. date
dlnumber Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. char(20)
dlstate Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. char(30)
dob Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. date
dphone Day phone. char(40)
email   char(100)
empl   mediumint(8)
enddate Date User Closed or Date to Close. The date after end of service. date
enddatereason Reason for closing. List reasons tinyint(4)
entdate   date
enttime   time
flags Internal Use  
fname First Name char(30)
generation   timestamp
importid   char(100)
lastaccess Last time Customer Portal used by this User. int(11)
lastip Last IP from which Customer Portal accessed. char(16)
lastmodempl   mediumint(8)
lname Last Name char(30)
location Point object representing Latitude/Longitude point
locationnote Note about Service Location text
loginid Customer Portal user name. char(100)
maiden Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. char(30)
misc01 Integer Field through misc05 int(11)
misc02   int(11)
misc03   int(11)
misc04   int(11)
misc05   int(11)
misc06 Character (50) Field through misc10 char(50)
misc07   char(50)
misc08   char(50)
misc09   char(50)
misc10   char(50)
misc11 Date Field through misc15 date
misc12   date
misc13   date
misc14   date
misc15   date
misc16 Time Field through misc20 time
misc17   time
misc18   time
misc19   time
misc20   time
mname Middle Name char(30)
modem List modems mediumint(8)
mspeed List mspeeds. tinyint(4)
nphone Night Phone char(40)
ntries Number of failed login attempts using the Customer Portal tinyint(4)
number   int(11)
os List oss tinyint(4)
password Password for the Customer Portal char(11)
pctdiscount Percent Discount for all Sales to this User. Overrides Account Percentage Discount. decimal(10,6)
pctdiscountexpdate Date the Discount expires. date
prevreason The previous reason a User was not Open. mediumint(8)
prevstate The previous Status of a non-Open User/ tinyint(4)
reason The reason an User is not open. mediumint(8)
reasonbyaccount Internal Use Only.  
resetdate Date password reset request started. date
resettime Time password reset request started. time
resettoken Token for password reset request. char(32)
schedulearea Deprecated.  
securityanswer1 Answer for securityquestion1 char(255)
securityanswer2   char(255)
securityquestion1 List securityquestions tinyint(4)
securityquestion2   tinyint(4)
sessionid Session id for Customer Portal. char(32)
ssn Original use deprecated. May be used for miscellaneous data. char(12)
startdate   date
state Status of the User:
statefips   char(2)
statename State or Province char(30)
suspdate Date the User was Suspended. date
taxregion Tax region for Services billed at this location.
Not Applicable. Only use if never collecting any type of tax.
Foreign Key to taxregion.number.
timezone List timezones tinyint(4)
title Salutation. List titles tinyint(4)
usagepctdiscount Percentage discount for Usage Sales at this Service Location. decimal(10,6)
usagepctdiscountexpdate Date percentage discount for usage sales expires. date
verifiedaddr Address verified using Address Verification API - currently only USPS supported. int(11)
zip ZIP/Postal Code char(30)