Automated Processing Overview

Automated processing is how recurring tasks are accomplished by BillMax. Examples of tasks performed on a recurring basis include:
  • Checking the data in the database for logical integrity
  • Billing customers the recurring sales and possibly usage sales
  • Sending billing documents
  • Sending customer notices such as credit card expiration and overdue notices

These processes are executed using the underlying operating systems' cron facility.

Recurring tasks are referred to as a Batch Process and are part of a Batch Process Group. From the top menu, select System Administration > Batch Processing to see what Batch Process Groups are available. When BillMax is installed, no Batch Process Groups are enabled.

The current list of Batch Process Groups installed with BillMax are:
  • nightly - enable this when putting BillMax into production. See nightly Typical Batch Processes.
  • cardupdater - enable this to use the IPPay® credit card updating service. This must also be enabled at IPPay®
  • mikromatedata - enable this to collect data from Mikrotik® routers

BillMax customers may add additional Batch Process items to existing Batch Process Groups and may also add their own Batch Process Groups.