Customizing BillMax

BillMax is designed to be customized, if desired, by the end consumer. The interface is a combination of HTML, J Query and JavaScript. The server side binaries are written in ANSII C and the source code is available. The library functions not available for customization.

BillMax uses Subversion to manage combine local changes to a file and BillMax changes to a file upon an upgrade. It is required that after making a modification to a file that the file be committed to the Subversion repository using the svn commit filename. If a C file is modified, this also includes the resulting binary file.
Warning: Uncommitted files will cause an upgrade to abort. If this occurs commit the uncommitted files and restart the upgrade.
Unless there are special circumstances, it a mandatory that all edits, creation of new files, etc. be done by the BillMax system user, typically billmax. If done by a different system user, BillMax may become inoperable.

If customizing BillMax is desired, it is recommended that you take advantage of the 250 Account development license that is included with leasing BillMax. This enables you to run BillMax on another server and test changes before affecting the production server.