Database Checking (dbck) Error codes

Error codes generate by dbck. Will most likely be noticed in the BillMax nightly log.

Table 1. Error Code Explanations
Code Information or Error Explanation
10003 Informational The account has a Payment Method of Credit Card or Electronic Check. However, there is either no Credit Card or Bank Account on file or no Credit Card or Bank Account is marked to be used for Automated Payment Processing.
11500 Informational The key used for AES encrypting the Credit Card and Bank Account Information for payment processing has expired. For PCI compliance it is recommended that it be changed at least every 90 days. The old key is needed to set a new key. If the old key has been forgotten, contact for recovery. Access to the system will be needed by BillMax Support.
13222 Error The message indicates a bug in processing. Please contact
10814 Error/Informational The resources used for Provisioning on the Service do not match the Resources on the associated Service Definition. This condition will occur when the Resources on the Service Definition are changed after the Service was created. To correct:
  • Make a backup of the database
  • Execute the following SQL
  • UPDATE service, servdef SET service.resources=servdef.resources WHERE service.servdef=servdef.number AND service.resources!=servdef.resources;
10847 Error/Informational Multiple non-closed Services that share a common resource bit have the same value for the service.d01 (typically login or MAC address) field. In addition, a related Service Definition does not allow duplicates. To fix change the value on one or more Services that have a conflict or modify the Service Definitions that share the common resource.
13907 Error The message indicates a bug in processing. Please contact