Used to access the edge application.


Name Type Description Required
protocol Integer Value must be 3 Yes
user String Username of the RAE Yes
password String Password of the RAE Yes


Important: Every time edgeLogin is successful, the returned sessionid is modified. As a result, programming for concurrent access to edge services as identified by a unique user/password combination should have only one call to edgeLogin.
Name Type Description
code Integer
message String  
info.number Integer Number of RAE
info.name String Name of RAE
info.sessionid String The current token used to access the edge application for the RAE. Use in subsequent calls to edge.
info.salesview String Salesview of RAE
info.defdomain String Default domain of the Virtual Company
info.hotspoturl String Hot spot URL of RAE
info.phone String Phone of RAE
info.email String Email of RAE
info.company Integer

Company of RAE

info.profile Integer Profile of RAE
info.interface Integer Type of RAE
info.companyname String Not in use
info.wwwurl String Not in use
info.logourl String Not in use
info.flags Integer Flags from RAE
info.locsym String Local monetary symbol from Global Options