Add a Prospective Customer/Bill After Site Visit

Describes a methodology for speedily adding a Prospective customer and collecting money after going for a site visit.

  1. Setup
    1. Make sure all Package/Service Definitions have the following set to Yes:
      • Bill First Price in Prospective Status
      • Bill Setup Fee in Prospective Status
      • Bill Deposit in Prospective Status
    2. Make sure all Package/Service Definitions have Initial Service State set to Prospective and Initial Service Reason set to Wait for Qualification or Wait for Activation.
    3. If there are Recurring Package Elements that should be automatically added and billed, set the Minimum Quantity to 1.
    4. If there are One Time Package Elements that should be billed, make sure the Quantity is set to at least 1.
  2. Creation
    1. Add an Account in the usual way.
    2. Add the Services to the User in the usual way. Leave the Services in Prospective Status. Pending Transactions will have been automatically created.
    3. Set each Pending Transaction to Manual Bill Only. If using the Scheduling module, this can be done when creating the Appointment.
  3. Opening Packages/Services after Activation
    1. Fill in Start Date if Activation is in the past.
    2. Change Status to Open and Save.
  4. Invoice the Customer and collect Payment.