Configure BillMax for Zoho CRM

  1. Edit the provisioning script by setting the values for client_id, client_secret and refresh_token.
  2. Edit the account_hook (assuming Perl is used). Add system("$BILLMAXDIR/local/ -v -t account");
  3. Edit the user_hook (assuming Perl is used). Add system("$BILLMAXDIR/local/ -v -t user");
  4. Set the Zoho list values through the BillMax web interface. If the list is not updated with these values, BillMax will default to values from remote application.
    Virtual Company: Number of the Virtual Company used when adding Accounts.
    Profile: Number of Profile used when adding Accounts.
  5. Edit the script in the same manner as step 1. Run this script from the command line. This step is necessary only if, at the time Zoho is integrated with BillMax, there are already Contacts in Zoho and Accounts in BillMax.
    If using Copy to BillMax (see Configure Zoho), the command should be run as --setsync otherwise