Configure Products

Create and set parameters for Products in BillMax. Below are the steps for creating a Product Definition for a Recurring Service

  1. Select Billing Administration > Recurring Service.
  2. Select highlighted underlined number or New.
  3. Enter the Name that will be used in the drop-down list of Services.
  4. Enter the Billing Display for the text that the customer will see on a bill.
  5. Choose the Charge Type to indicate the category for financial reporting.
  6. Review and enter any other field on the General tab. There are many settings for services available including pricing, setup fees, FCC report settings and tax information. The tool tips give detailed information about a field.
  7. Select the Provisioning tab to enter provisioning field information. Documentation for Radius provisioning is included in Radius Overview .
  8. Select the Additional Usage Billing tab if desired. For example, this tab allows you to connect a VOIP Plan to a service definition for VOIP services.
  9. Select Save.