Send Payment Reminders from BillMax

Payment Reminders are emailed by Profile to Accounts with an outstanding balance a designated number of days before the due date.

  1. Setup Payment Reminders.
    1. Select Billing Administration > Account Profiles.
    2. Select the Account Profile.
    3. In the Overdue Processing section, enter the number of days before the due date to send the reminder in Payment Reminder.
  2. Update the Email template:
    1. Select Correspondence > System Email Templates.
    2. Select paymentreminder.
    3. Note: The following variable are available. Use either "$variable" or "${variable}" notation.
      The Account Email Address.
      The Billing Email Address of the Virtual Company associated with the Account.
      The phrase "Company Account ##:w!" where Company is the name of the Virtual Company and ## is replaced by the Account number.
      The date the balance is due.
      The number of days before the balance is due.
      The monetary amount that is outstanding.
      fields from the Virtual Company record to which the Account belongs. See config Table (Virtual Company)
      Modify the Template.