Jump Start Ticketing

Minimal steps to setup Ticketing for the first time. The result is a Ticketing Queue that will allow all Open Authorized Users to manage Tickets in the Queue.

  1. Login to the Staff Portal.
  2. Select Correspondence > Queues from the Main Menu.
  3. Select New and create a Queue.
    1. Enter the Name with letters and number only. A value suitable for the user-name part of an email. An example is "support".
    2. Enter the Description.
    3. Enter the Notifications From Email under Outbound Ticket Updates. This value is the email "From" address when sending Ticket Updates. As replies to ticket updates are not expected, a value such as "Example Inc. Support <DoNotReply@example.com>" might be used.
    4. Enter at least one Issue with one Resolution
    5. Accept all other defaults.