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Buyers of BillMax are using BillMax for:
  • ISP Billing
  • WISP Billing
  • Hot Spot Billing
  • ISP DSL and Broadband Billing
  • Web Host Billing
  • Electronic Newsletter Billing
  • TELCO and CLEC Billing
  • VOIP Billing
  • General Usage Billing
  • General Recurring Billing
  and many other types of billing.
  BillMax is a billing system that helps your company run steadier and more efficiently. By incorporating powerful business-enhancing features into a rock-steady billing platform, BillMax gives your business a powerful edge.
  • It gives you revenue – by ensuring that no billable service is missed.
  • It gives you efficiency – by automating key business functions within a stable and reliable billing platform. This keeps your company focused on your customers … not on billing problems.
  • It gives you equity – by maximizing the value of your customer base.

Built for ISP billing by an ISP using Apache, MySQL, and C, BillMax has been successfully installed in thousands of sites for ISP billing, Web Host billing, WISP billing and many other sites with recurring billing needs. BillMax is also used when billing by the item consumed is needed.

BillMax can be tied to the operational systems used to deliver goods and services to customers. This enables a close coupling of business rules with operations leading to better customer service. Lower expenses, increase revenue, faithfully manage customer expectations using BillMax.

As an example for ISP billing, use BillMax to automatically enable new subscribers by populating the RADIUS authentication stores (flat files, LDAP, MySQL database, PAM, etc.) using data stored in BillMax. If a customer becomes delinquent, automatically disable the customers access by modifying the RADIUS data stores. Every day, BillMax automatically checks to see which customers are to be billed, denied access, granted access, notified of credit card issues, etc. BillMax does this automatically freeing ISP billing personnel for other tasks. BillMax also automatically performs the ISP billing functions with respect to RADIUS data. Time online, bytes transferred, etc. are billed by BillMax.

Using the BillMax Customer Interface, subscribers can open new accounts or modify/add existing services to their current account. Subscribers can also modify personal information when needed

If BillMax is used in conjunction with Authorize.Net (a BillMax credit card processing partner) and DataBill.(a BillMax fullfilment partner), automation of customer service and operations management can lead to unprecedented efficiencies.

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