Make your work flow

Manage all aspects of your current and prospective clients.

Customer Management

Enter prospective accounts quickly. Grasp the current overview of an account with our CSR account heading that includes contact info, balance, expected suspension, open tickets and so much more. Customize the layout of accounts by your login id to improve efficiency on your common tasks.

Our data model:

  • Virtual Company
  • Account Profiles (business rules and defaults)
  • Accounts (the billing entity)
  • Users, (the service locations or account contacts)
  • Packages/Services

…gives you the flexibility needed to handle all your commercial and residential scenarios.

Trouble Ticketing

Track your customer’s issues easily in BillMax. Tickets flow through your email gateway based on a service level agreement so that tickets can be escalated over time based on the issue. Ticket queues are supported by teams or individuals and tickets can be auto-assigned based on configuration settings. Permissions and notifications are set up by queue for the ticket assignee and team.


Schedule your technicians, create work orders, and view calendars based on technician, appointment status, or route. Your customer will receive emails when an appointment is created and the day before the appointment as a reminder.


Verify your customer’s address immediately upon entry with USPS address verification. Each address can also be geocoded for reporting and mapping purposes. Map your customers in relation to existing services or by tower or POP.

Customer Portal

Customers can view their bill, pay online, update payment methods or add services. Our portal is customizable and device-responsive so that your customers have access to the menu items and options that your company desires.