BillMax Foundational Principles

We have built a company based on these foundational principles that help us serve our customers.


A flexible design means a better fit for your specific needs. We ofter many, many options in the software so you can run your business your way. Here are a few examples:

  • Post bill or pre-bill
  • Invoices or Billing statements
  • Anniversary or Day of the month billing
  • Packages or Services or a combination of both
  • Customizable provisioning fields to collect the data you need
  • Many ways to set pricing, discounts, and deposits
  • Customizable customer portal so that your clients can access the self-help items you want
  • Premise based or hosted by us

We let you choose the modules that are needed by your company. Optional modules include scheduling, mapping, VOIP CDR processing and the customer portal. Some customers want them all and some use only our base software and support while they grow.

We also do not force your hand with your network. We want you to choose what type of equipment works well in your environment. Our service hooks execute a script to push data to your equipment. The script can be written to accomplish any programmatic step by step task. We have examples or programming staff to help you implement what you need.

Our customers build out their total system in a variety of ways. Read these examples to see how using BillMax creates a strong foundation to build your company on.

Case 1:
LibreNMS for Network Monitoring
Radius for Provisioning
Cambium Equipment
ServerPlus for After Hours for Payment Processing
BillMax for billing, ticketing, scheduling

Case 2:
RGNet Gateway for Provisioning
Fiber, Mikrotik, Ubiquity Equipment
IPPay for Payment Processing
Preseem for QoE
BlueTie for Email
BillMax for billing, ticketing, and customer portal


BillMax is built differently. We design our software based on your needs. We truly take ownership of your problems and concerns and work with you to come up with answers. We care if you are successful because you are our partner.

Details Matter

BillMax has always paid careful attention to the details. Our financial core is solid and help our customer pass necessary audits. The history of transactions is maintained so that problems can be identified more readily.

Before we put out a new release, we run our software through a series of intense automated tests so that we know we are introducing to our customers produces the same results from version to version. A new version of BillMax is put through 100s of test cases. That is how we create better software.

Better Value

Our pricing begins at only .30 cents an account per month for our basic software and support. You can choose to run BillMax on your own premise equipment or let us host it for you in the AWS cloud for an additional fee. Choose the modules you want and will use as you grow. Optional modules include the customer portal, scheduling, VOIP CDR processing, and mapping.

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Why pay more when we have worked to keep our costs down and deliver a complete solution at a fraction of our competitors?

Access to Experts

We answer our phones personally. We know you by name and look forward to hearing from you. You can easily talk to the developer about your project.