Steve Burks, Nextlink

“When evaluating our options to transition off of a non-industry specific CRM/Billing platform in October 2014, we evaluated all the usual players you will find at the annual WISPA conference.  Billmax was the only solutions partner that met the majority of our requirements and if they didn’t have a current solution for a particular need, BillMax was willing to partner with us to develop and integrate with our systems and solutions to make us whole.  This has been a mutually beneficial relationship as we have collaborated on many ideas that work well for our business and in-kind gives them a platform to incorporate “real world user feedback” into their development roadmaps.  The platform has scaled well with our growth over the past 5 years from a few thousand subscribers to over 20,000 subscribers billed monthly.  We have made and continue to make numerous systems improvements within our growing business but BillMax remains our core billing engine that we feel is secure and reliable enough to entrust with our customer receivables.”

Dan Graham, CMS Internet

“From initial meeting to implementation completion BillMax stayed with us the entire way. At no point did we feel pressured into a purchase or left out to dry during integration. We felt the whole team was with us along the way, no long waits or unanswered questions or jumping through layers of people and ticketing systems to get places.”

Paul Ward, POVN

“I just thought I would reach out and tell you with whatever updates and changes you guys made my form 477 take all of a few minutes to complete. Very happy. Thank you so much, it really makes the money we spend on it worthwhile when it works like this.”

Zunaid Haroon, telMAX Inc.

“telMAX as a start-up really counts on prompt responses and a get-it done attitude. BillMax’s support hotline is active and responsive all the time when needed. When compared to some bigger-brand billing software systems, BillMax stands out above because of that stellar support approach. Relentless before and after production.”

Brad Hulfish, DigitalPath, Inc.

“I do want to thank all of you for being, in my opinion, the fastest responding software company I have ever dealt with. You all continue to amaze me with your near instantaneous responses to our questions and the feeling that we are your most important customer! Thank you!!!”

Jeff Luinstra, Firstlink Technologies

“I wanted to write you a note thanking you (Ellen) and Paul for your outstanding customer support last week helping us do a complete billing run.  Not only was the support fantastic, but my learning experience was excellent and we as a company have put a renewed emphasis on what we can accomplish with BillMax.   I look forward to eliminating spreadsheets, eliminating duplicate work, delivering work detail to clients, and working towards running billing daily. Please feel free to use myself and FirstLink as a reference for BillMax.”

Joe Falaschi, E-Vergent Communications

“A solid billing system is key, without question, and that is why we love BillMax.”

Tim McMath, Pinnacle Network Solutions

“Your program has allowed us to streamline our processes by simplifying the way we bill, provision, and track inventory – it has been seamless in accommodating the rapid growth of our customer base and need for multiple custom reports.  We can’t say enough how much we appreciate your customer support and quick responses to our never-ending requests!!”

Chris Chard, Cruzio, “The Internet Store”

“We have been using BillMax for 10+ years, and have valued the solid, yet flexible foundation that BillMax offers us in account and billing management. Things change quickly here, and having BillMax be adaptable along with us is a huge help. Additionally, we appreciate the prompt and personal response to support issues when we work with their support staff.”