Know where your business stands

BillMax offers the reports and tools you want to find the answers you need.

Full Line of Financial Reports

Sales (Cash or Accrual), AR, Deferred Revenue, Future Sales, Sales by Agent, Write-offs, etc. BillMax supports GAAP revenue reporting so that our clients can pass needed audits.

Government Reports

BillMax generates Sales Tax reports so that you know who you owe money to. BillMax creates the 477 report for the FCC. BillMax produces the data needed for the 499 reports.

Customer Reports

Customer counts, customer details, prospective services, and service churn are just a few examples of our customer activity reports. BillMax generates mappings of customer services.

Quickbooks Integration

Generate an IIF file by day, week, or month to upload to your Quickbooks instance.

Easy Access to your Data

Customer data can be sorted, filtered, and displayed by individual login so that each staff member has quick access to the data they need. There are also options to run SQL queries against the database and save them in Memorized Reports so that they are easy to recall and rerun at a later date. Our staff are happy to help you find the answers you need.