BillMax is your full-service partner. We are happy to help you problem-solve and customize your BillMax instance. Let us know your vision.

Implementation Services

Our expert staff will install BillMax, import your customers and financial history from your current system, and train your staff to use BillMax for their daily tasks. We walk you through the transition step-by-step until you are completely comfortable.


Typically we can do training in 3 sections before your company goes live: CSRs, Billing Supervisors, and Technical staff. We will go through day-to-day tasks and answer your questions so that you feel confident in your new software home.

Process Optimization

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have the experience to help you streamline your operation while maximizing your opportunities. Let us review your plans with you and develop the best approach that will increase the efficiency at your company for years to come.


After evaluating your company’s requirements, we will provide a turnkey quote to complete a desired project. Our talented software engineers are thorough, detail oriented, and excellent problem solvers. Let us build your dreams.


The BillMax platform has been integrated with multiple third-party tools. We welcome the opportunity to add more options if your company has a need. We work with each client as a partner to facilitate the needed solution.

Backup Services

Many of our clients sleep better knowing that their system is protected with our daily backup service. For a small monthly fee, we back up your BillMax instance and data for recovery purposes if anything happens to your BillMax server.

Email Services

We can host your email sending infrastructure with AWS Simple Email Service®. This service offers improved deliverability, status tracking of documents (noted in BillMax) and reputation management.