What a Collection of Tools

Use our integrations to build a “best of breed” solution for your environment. Contact sales@billmax.com for details based on your needs and location.

Payment Processors

We offer great deals on merchant and gateway accounts.

Tokenization, Credit Cards, Echecks, Merchant Account and Gateway combined

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Tokenization, Credit Cards, Echecks, Payment Gateway

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Credit Cards, Echecks, Canadian Payment Gateway

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Credit Cards, Echecks, Payment Gateway

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Document Fulfilment

No time to print and stuff envelopes? Our fulfillment partner will be happy to take care of it for you.

Paper and email billing in custom templates

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Email Hosting

Email hosting can be tedious. Consider outsourcing it for more efficiencies.

Tax Compliance

Ready to handle taxes seamlessly across products and locations?

BillMax is a certified partner with Avalara’s AvaTax solution. Through APIs BillMax sends transactions to Avalara and Avalara sends back taxes based on product and user location. Avalara can help with filing taxes as well.

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Quality of Experience

Improve your customer retention by providing your customers with the best in quality experience. These partners will show you how.

Subscriber Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting


External CRMs

We have built two-way integrations to allow seamless updates of customer account data.

Marketing Tools

GIS for Marketing Platform allows ISP’s to target their marketing ONLY inside of their network—at the address level. ISP’s can target direct mail and digital display ads.

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Prequalifying New Customers

Collect End User Submission data via web integration. This data will reduce no-gos, show potential user locations, and help map out new tower locations. An Account with a ticket showing link path analysis is automatically created in BillMax.

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After Hours Support

Needs some help covering after hours? These guys specialize in servicing your customers seamlessly.