Provision It with BillMax

Manage your Operations Support Systems (OSS) and data in a tightly coupled way so customer billing state and service delivery remain in sync. If a provisioning API or non-interactive program or script is available for the system, BillMax can provision it.


For provisioning, customer data is stored in three tables: accountuser and service. Changes to data in any of these tables can trigger a program execution known as a “hook”. Many hooks exist for common systems. Hooks can also be written by your staff from our examples or by our staff to meet your needs.


BillMax distributes a preconfigured FreeRADIUS® instance that runs on the BillMax server and accesses tables in the BillMax database. When implementing provisioning by using RADIUS, BillMax transmits customer information to the RADIUS database. Provisioning manages the authentication and authorization of users via RADIUS. In addition, RADIUS also provides information on customers’ use of your network. This accounting information includes, but not limited to, bytes transferred, time online and packets transferred. Pages within the BillMax system make setup and configuration easy.