FCC Broadband Labels Explained

High speed internet access, in the form of broadband, is critical in today’s digital world. From telehealth to online work and shopping, everyone’s lives are becoming increasingly digital. This reality makes speed and access to speed crucial for everyone joining a video call at work or trying to buy tickets to an almost sold out show. In the US, broadband jumped twelve million subscribers in the past three years with expectations that this rapid growth will continue. As a result, the FCC is requiring the development of labels to help consumers quickly and easily compare options and increase the transparency in the industry. For entities serving under 100,000 customers it must be done so by October 10, 2024.

Below is an example of a Label given out by the FCC(mobile on the left, fixed on the right):

The label is required to include:

  1. Provider Name
  2. Service Plan Name and/or Speed Tier
  3. Monthly Price
    • Must at least display base monthly price for only broadband
    • May include discretionary fees or government taxes here or in additional charges section
    • Must display retail broadband price without discounts
  4. Introductory Rates
    • Introductory rates and length of introductory service must be followed by the non-introductory price
  5. Contract Plans
    • Length and link to terms of contract
  6. Additional Charges and Terms
    • If discretionary fees are not included in the base price, such as network access charges, 911 charges, and USF charges, etc.
    • One time fees such as for installation, purchasing of equipment, etc.
    • Cancellation Fees with a link describing when fees would be triggered
  7. Data Allowances
    • Amount of data included in the monthly price and charge for additional data consumption
  8. Government Taxes
    • Must list taxes that will be applied or that they may vary depending on location
    • If included in base monthly pay, then include “Taxes Included”
  9. Performance Information
    • Must display typical upload speeds, download speeds, and latency
  10. Network Management and Privacy Policies
    • Must include a link to network management practices and privacy policies
  11. FCC Webpage/Glossary
    • Must include a link to the FCC website
  12. Unique Plan Identifier
    • ISPs must develop and include a Unique Plan identifier on the label
    • Must start with an F for fixed plans and M for mobile, followed by the providers FCC registration number, and end with 15 alphanumeric characters uniquely identifying the specific plan

For more information:
FCC Order: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/FCC-23-68A1.pdf
Small Entity Compliance Guide: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-24-459A1.docx

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